USB Flash Security USB Flash Security 4.1.13

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 8.79 MBClean

 8.79 MBClean
1. This software is free for only personal use or non-commercial use. Please use product edition (15 day free trail), if it is used by a group/Corporation or by a commercial purpose. 2. The copyright belongs to the person who entitles our company (KASHU SYSTEM DESIGN INC.). 3. Please just redistributed this software by the physical medium such as CDs or networks without changing the obtained archive. In addition, please specify that this software belongs to KASHU SYSTEM DESIGN INC. in the case of the distribution by all means. 4. It is forbidden to analyze or tamper with the software or program in KASHU SYSTEM DESIGN INC.'s site.(revise, change, reproduce, modify, the reverse engineering, decompile, and disassemble it.) 5. It is forbidden to share the software to others for payment or use the software for a commercial purpose. 6. It is irresponsible for KASHU SYSTEM DESIGN INC., if there is any harm that use or can not use the software or download the other software in KASHU SYSTEM DESIGN INC.'s site. (Include lost information in a hard disk and so on) 7. We do not bear the responsibility of version up and revision of the deficient . Also, we do not bear the responsibility of maintenance and supporting of the software. 8. Specifications and the contents such as manuals of this software will be changed without notice in the future. 9. This agreement shall be based on Japanese law. If dispute occurred, Kyoto District Court (only) is the exclusive jurisdiction court.


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USB Flash Security 4.1.13

Data in a USB Flash Drive is protected by a password.Useful Security Tool.
Company Kashu System Design Inc.
Product version 4.1.13 All versions

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